conversion kit cruis'n usa to cruisn exotica

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conversion kit cruis'n usa to cruisn exotica

Post by OldFoo » Tue Jun 04, 2013 6:31 pm

Hello everybody

i have some cruisn usa and i would like to cruisn exotica game

i already have the conversion kit for have a cabinet with cruisn exotica board

so my question is about the board and cabinet

i would like to know , if i plug the cruisn exotica board to my jamma inside the usa cabinet , it will work or not ?

on my manual conversion kit it explain about eeprpom , decals , marques , cables etc

but if i only plug this exotica board to usa cabinete it will work ?

if not how to find this conversion kit ( only the cable in fact , the decal , marques i dont need

well only that , waiitng to know if someone can help me will be great


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