Serial IC Title
GDL-0001 253-5509-5069 Mobile Suit Gundam : Federation VS Zeon
GDL-0002 253-5509-5072 Street Fighter Zero 3 Upper
GDL-0004 253-5509-5076J Capcom Vs. Snk Mil Fight 2000 Pro
GDL-0005 253-!WANTED! Doki Doki Idol Star Seeker
GDL-0006 253-5509-5079 Mobile Suit Gundam : Federation VS Zeon DX
GDL-0008 253-5509-5078 Capcom Vs Snk 2
GDL-0010 253-5509-5081J Ikaruga
GDL-0011 253-5509-5082 Guilty Gear XX
GDL-0012 253-!WANTED! Cleopatra Fortune Plus (Need Confirmation!)
GDL-0013 253-!WANTED! Moeru Casinyo
GDL-0014 253-5509-5085J Musapey’s Choco Marker
GDL-0016 253-5508-0321 Shakka to Tambourine 2001 Power Up!
GDL-0017 253-5509-5090J Quiz k tie Q mode
GDL-0018 253-5509-5091J
Azumanga Daioh Puzzle Bobble
GDL-0019 253-5509-5092J Guilty Gear XX #Reload
GDL-0020 253-5509-5093J Tetris Kiwamemichi
GDL-0021 253-5509-5095J Shikigami No Shiro II / The Castle of Shikigami II
GDL-0022 253-5509-5096J Usagi Yasei no Topai – Yamashiro Mahjongg Compilation
GDL-0023 253-5509-5097J Border Down
GDL-0024 253-5509-5100J Psyvariar 2 – The Will To Fabricate
GDL-0025 253-5509-5102 Chaos Field
GDL-0026 253-5509-5103J Trizeal
GDL-0028 253-5509-5104J Melty blood Act cadenza
GDL-0030 253-5509-5107 Senko No Ronde
GDL-0030A 253-5509-5107J Senko No Ronde New
GDL-0031 253-5509-5108J Super Shanghai 2005
GDL-0032 253-5509-5110J Radilgy
GDL-0033 253-5509-5111J Guilty Gear XX Slash
GDL-0034 253-5509-5115 Kuru Kuru Chameleon
GDL-0035 253-5509-5117J Under Defeat
GDL-0036 253-5509-5121J Trigger Heart Exelica
GDL-0037 253-5509-5122J Jingy Storm
GDL-0040 253-!WANTED! Karous
GDL-0042 253-5509-5127J Nomiso Kone Kone Puzzle Takoron
GDS-0001 317-0298-COM Confidential Mission
GDS-0003 253-5508-0300 Sports Jam
GDS-0004 253-5508-0302 Slashout
GDS-0005 253-5508-0303 Spikers Battle
GDS-0006 253-5508-0304 Virtua Striker 3
GDS-0008 253-5508-0307 Monkey Ball
GDS-0009 253-5508-0308 Virtua Golf
GDS-0010 253-5508-0309 World Series Baseball/Super Major League
GDS-0011 253-5508-0312 Virtua Tennis
GDS-0012 253-5508-0314 Virtua Fighter 4
GDS-0014 253-5508-0317 Beach Spikers
GDS-0015 253-5508-0318 Virtua Tennis 2
GDS-0017 253-5508-0323 La Keyboard
GDS-0018 253-5508-0332J Lupin 3 : The Shooting
GDS-0019 253-5508-0330 Virtua Athletics
GDS-0020 253-5508-0331J
Initial D : Arcade Stage (Japan)
GDS-0021 253-5508-0332J Lupin : The Typing
GDS-0022 253-5508-0333 Maze of kings
GDS-0023 253-5508-0387 Dimm Firm Update (3.17)
GDS-0024 253-5508-0338J Virtua Fighter 4 Evo
GDS-0025 253-5508-0343 Initial D : Arcade Stage (Export)
GDS-0026 253-5508-0345J Initial D : Arcade Stage Ver. 2 (Japan)
GDS-0027 253-5508-0357 Initial D : Arcade Stage Ver. 2 (Export)
GDS-0031 253-5508-0375 Puyopuyo Fever
GDS-0032 253-!WANTED! Initial D : Arcade Stage Ver. 3
GDS-0036 253-5508-0387 Virtua Fighter 4 Final Tuned
GDS-0039 253-5508-0406 Initial D 3 : Cycraft Edition
All third party releases began GDL, Sega games began GDS.