Publisher: Sega
Hardware: Naomi Cart
Year: 2000
Controls: 1 Joystick, 3 Buttons Per Player
Number of Players: 2 Players
Cartridge Image:
Ported To: Dreamcast



Giant Gram 2000 is a BRUTAL arcade fighting game. But don’t let that make you think this game is not about wrestling.Each wrestler has a huge moveset that will take time and dedication to learn. Since this is a NAOMI arcade game, the controls most resemble those of a 3d fighter. This may discourage many players but is very rewarding if you take time to learn the system. Because there is this system, there are many combos and chain wrestling in this game. For instance, Misawa can strike his opponent with a right forearm off the grapple if you press up and X. However, if you hit X as Misawa connects with the first strike, Misawa will combo the first strike with a left forearm followed by another right. The combo system here reminds me of learning the classic combos of Street Fighter 2. Awesome stuff. Also button combinations can turn a standard German suplex into a DEVASTATING release German suplex or a German suplex into a bridging pin. Just hit the button at the right moment and a standard move will turn into a PUNISHING AND BRUTAL one. So many possibilities with this combination system

Let me tell you that this is the MOST BRUTAL wrestling game ever made! The animations are even more brutal than Virtual Pro Wrestling 2 and of course they are all 60 frames per second here. The wrestlers are all motion captured and in 3d polygons. No other wrestling game can match this game visually. Not only are the animations awesome, but the X-ray effect must be noted. Everytime a punishing maneuver is executed the screen X-rays with a glass shattering sound effect! AWESOME!

(Description written by: Darkcloud22)